Whimsy Farm Twine  

Whimsy Farm Twine specialises in twine ~ of course! ~ in both 4-ply and 12-ply, in a wide range of colours.

Whimsy Farm Twine is a little Australian business run by a little lady in a corner of her little house. I put my heart and soul into Whimsy Farm Twine; I love twine and I love meeting new people who also love twine.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land (Katunga) I was a dairy farmer. I had around 400 cows; mostly Friesians, some Jerseys. Then, to my dismay, the drought came along and dried up the land - and I could no longer keep my cows. A sad little 'fairytale', but true - and so when you see the names of my different twines, they're not just pretty names randomly chosen - they're all named after some of my favourite cows. The ultimate favourite girl being Felicity; she was my friend. My 500kg, sometimes bossy and always hungry, friend. I was just "the woman who feeds me" to her, I'm sure, but nevertheless...

So, welcome to my world. Have a look, meet the girls, and if you have any questions send me an email - angela@whimsyfarmtwine.com.au - I just love a chat.




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I'll keep you updated as I add colours to the range, and show you fun things to do with our twine!

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