Whimsy Farm Twine  


  • New 12-Ply Whimsy Farm Twine

    26 September at 07:28 from atlas

    Hello!  ...

  • New Twine! New Twine!

    4 December at 16:02 from atlas

    Hello!  Have you seen the new colours added to the Whimsy Farm Twine range? I have added five new PLAIN colours - red (Poppy), ...

  • A new CHRISTMAS twine!

    18 November at 15:49 from atlas

    Hello! You asked, and I listened! I've added a new twine to the collection called Chrissie - Chrissie is a red, green & white twine, ...

  • Whimsy Farm Twine 'Charlotte'

    20 September at 07:53 from atlas

    Hello! Have you met Whimsy Farm Twine 'Charlotte'? With Pale Purple, Aqua & White twine, she's very pretty!

  • Welcome Sophie and Cassidy

    20 May at 10:20 from atlas

    Hello! ...

  • Whimsy Farm Twine EMMIE-LOU

    30 April at 08:45 from atlas

    Hello! Have you seen the latest twine to be added to the Whimsy Farm Twine range? Emmie-Lou is Pink, Purple, Blue & Green ...

  • Tabitha Back In Stock

    4 March at 13:44 from atlas

    Whimsy Farm Twine Tabitha is back in stock! Hooray! AND, there will be a couple of new colours added to the range in a day or two. ...

  • Whimsy Farm Twine Facebook Giveaway

    2 February at 12:52 from atlas

    Hello there! I'm running a giveaway over on the Facebook page - you should enter! You could win three Whimsy Farm Twine spools: Bella, ...

  • A Little Giveaway

    9 January at 14:44 from atlas

    Hi there! For your chance to win five Whimsy Farm Twine spools of your choice, plus some cute as a button cow magnets from Little Birdy ...

  • Facebook Fan Monthly Winner

    3 January at 20:00 from atlas

    Hello my Twine Friends! ...


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