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    24 September at 13:59 from atlas

    Hello! Just a quick update for Whimsy Farm Twine. I went along to Lardner Park Craft Market on September the 23rd and met a few customers in person, which is always nice! I'll be taking Whimsy Farm Twine to Jindivick Market on October the 6th - this market is just starting, so it will be interesting to see what other stalls come along. 

    The five new colours have been well received; Hannah is the clear winner in the popularity stakes - so far, at least. Remember to visit the blog (http://goo.gl/EzxQG) and the Facebook page (http://goo.gl/tsQqT) to see some of the twine "in the spotlight", and some ideas of how to use the twine differently. We all need some creative inspiration sometimes!

    Until next time, -Angie.


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